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Well I think its been about 15 months now, but I've finally updated my website, and made it live again. It's been down for a while, as I originally had plans to update things at the end of 2019. Got side-tracked and pushed it off a few months back to back, then COVID hit and surprisingly 2020 turned into a very busy year for me (photography/videography wise)....and well, here we are now! Also decided to update my logo!

I'm actually very happy with the new site. I built everything design wise from scratch (with a little bit of inspiration)...but literally all of it from the ground up. This is also the first time I've added a blog to my website which I've been wanting to do for a while, so I could post work and general content more frequent. Still figuring out the blog thing tho. Also, been toying around with the idea of vlogging for a while, so we'll see if that effort take off as well :-).

Looking forward to share some of the things from 2020 that I captured and worked on, and the stories behind them. Didn't even get a chance last year, but thing's were amazing! Thanks for tapping in, I'll be blogging(/vlogging hopefully) a lot more this year, so hope you check back and follow along. Shooting in that kind of capacity keeps me creative!


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